Responsible Mining


Carefully planning every stage of development.
Trek is committed to operating with integrity and implementing best practices in responsible mining. Operating responsibly takes careful planning and requires the commitment of all team members, from the directors to the geologists to the camp manager who implements a recycling program.

Environmental performance

Environmental performance
Our Commitment

Minimizing our environmental footprint

Our Commitment

When designing our projects and planning our daily activities, we identify risks and develop a strategy to prevent and mitigate environmental impact, reducing both near- and long-term risk at our projects. Project design considers full life-of-mine risks and opportunities, carefully planning every stage of development from exploration through to construction, operations and finally closure to ensure we are minimizing our environmental footprint and bringing net benefits to our community partners.

Partnering with local groups

Trek’s commitment to environmental sustainability includes partnering with local groups to provide education and training that leads to improved agriculture and artisanal mining practices in local communities. 

Frequent communication

Trek communicates regularly with community leaders to provide updates on project development and solicit feedback on project design, and works with local landowners to ensure the company’s activities do not interfere with agriculture and subsistence practices.

Our Communities