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Bringing lasting benefits to local communities.
Trek believes that mining projects can breathe new life into communities, bringing significant economic benefits and social development opportunities that can endure well beyond the life of the project. Early engagement and collaboration is a cornerstone of Trek’s business model.

Early & open communication

Early & open communication

Think Local

By communicating early and openly with community members and other stakeholders, Trek can incorporate suggestions into its development plans, minimizing negative impacts and resulting in projects that are more robust and supported by local communities.

Hiring and buying locally

Trek is committed to
hiring locally

Trek offers training programs for a wide range of employment opportunities, which benefits both the company and local communities. Having a pool of skilled employees reduces the competition for labour that is so prevalent in the mining industry, and fosters community support for the project. In addition, hiring locally ensures that Trek can communicate in local languages and better understand the cultural and political nuances of doing business outside of Canada.

Providing the opportunity to learn new skills also brings long-lasting benefits to community members, who can advance through the workforce with Trek, transfer these skills to other projects in the region, or create new support businesses in the community. 

At the Aurizona Mine in Brazil, 99% of the workforce is Brazilian, with the majority of employees and contractors coming from local communities. Trek expects to offer up to 500 jobs during operations.

Trek also contributes to economic prosperity by purchasing goods and services from local suppliers, using numerous support services and encouraging the development of new businesses, and paying taxes, royalties and feeds to local, state/provincial and federal governments.  

Supporting Local Initiatives

Trek strives to have a positive social impact by supporting development initiatives that meet the needs and priorities of local communities.

Supporting Local Initiatives

Trek’s objective is to leave a legacy of improved infrastructure, skills development, and healthier communities. Trek meets regularly with local leaders and community interest groups to discuss local issues, seek common solutions and implement cooperative strategies that improve the quality of life for community members. 

At the Aurizona Mine in Brazil, Trek has partnered with both local and federal groups to support a number of initiatives that have improved the quality of life for local communities. Trek assisted with the installation of a potable water treatment plant in Aurizona Village and offers access to the company’s urgent care and emergency clinic. Trek supports local cultural events and sports programs for children and teenagers, and supports campaigns for gender equality and the prevention of domestic violence, substance abuse and common illnesses. 

Most recently, Trek has invested and participated in the Integrated and Sustainable Agroecological Production program, which promotes entrepreneurship and training in new agricultural and fishery opportunities to provide income and revenue alternatives for artisanal miners.  

Installation of potable water treatment plant

Community access to emergency health care

Sponsoring cultural events and sports programs

Lasting Benefits

Our projects bring long-lasting health benefits to local communities

Lasting Benefits

Protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities is Trek’s greatest responsibility. We are committed to operating a safe workplace and ensuring that our projects bring long-lasting health benefits to local communities.

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